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The Royal Story is a page dedicated to bringing you the hottest news from the lives of the celebrities. Talking about us we must say that we understand the importance of bringing our readers quality stories. Our team of writers gives an original point of view on the stories.

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Let’s talk about our history. We are a team of four people for now. People with same interests and believes. To get to the point, we all follow the celebrities. We love watching a great TV show. Or a movie. So, that inspired us to start our own website and write about what we have interest in. We can say that we are pretty new website. We founded Royal Fans in May 2020.

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So if you follow the life of the Royals, we are the website for you. On The Royal Story,  you can read all about your favorite royals or your favorite TV show. Moreover, you can keep up with the latest celebrity and royal news.

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